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Cooking and Catering Equipement

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Six - Burner Range with oven

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Chapati Plate With Puffer

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Griddle Full Grooved

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Griddle Flat Grooved With Cabinet

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SS Buffet Counter

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Relief India Hospitality Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Relief India is a kitchen manufacturer house dedicated to providing state of the art and upscale services in planning, designing, and fabrication assistance of commercial kitchen and service equipment for Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Clubs, Industrial canteens and Hospitals. As pioneers in the field we undertake turnkey project planning and kitchen layouts, with proven expertise and extensive consultancy services. We consider it our duty to provide the finished products as per the client's requirement and over all, the one that aids him consistently in his performance.

Our Vision and Mission

The mission of Relief India is "To bring cost-effective, state-of-the-art and effective solutions and designs to hotel and restaurant kitchen development while providing excellent customer service that exceeds expectations, all the time"

Our vision is to continue to lead the industry and set new benchmarks while stepping up our customer service levels, at every instance.

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction

  • Commitment to Deliver Excellence

  • Conviction to lead the industry

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer

Relief India hospitality solutions private ltd. is the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer in Delhi, India. The company specializes in manufacturing all the commercial kitchen equipments like sink table, pantry and refrigeration equipments and preparation machines. We provide all the equipments that help you in finishing the kitchen work easily. We manufacture products after thorough research to provide up to date equipments to our consumers and clients.

Established in 1974, we at relief india supply the products worldwide in pubs, cafes, restaurants, hospitals and hotels. We offer superior quality equipments at affordable prices. The equipments are made out of high quality stainless steel that is reliable and long lasting. As a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer, we provide products that are easy to use and operate.

We also have various commercial equipments that are used in bakery, pantry and bar. We have an extended range of almost 250 products and hence we are able to meet demand of large as well as small kitchen. We also have a state of art manufacturing unit wherein we manufacture these products after complete research on the latest technology. We also maintain long term relationship with our clients by providing them equipments that are worth spending. The life of these products is more than expected and the equipments come with good warranty and guarantee schemes. We also offer different modes of payments to our clients.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer

As an industrial kitchen equipment manufacturer in India we look after the needs of the kitchen’s located at various industries. Apart from hospitality industry like hotels, restaurants and pub, we also cater to the needs of kitchen at educational institutes, hospitals and industries from various other sectors. Following are the facilities that come with various industrial kitchen equipments manufactured at Relief India hospitality solutions pvt ltd:

  • We manufacture equipments using outstanding technology and designs that helps in improving the quality of food being cooked on these equipments.
  • The food prepared does not lose its nutritional as well as organoleptic characteristics.
  • These equipments also reduce the consumption and operating cost.
  • This not only optimizes efficiency but also improves the working requirement.
  • With these equipments, chef can plan and centralize all the cooking tasks and then easily prepare delicious foods
  • The products are reliable and cook can easily set temperature that is required for cooking good food
  • The perfect blending of ingredients during cooking allows to maintain the flavors of all the ingredients added in the dish during the cooking process
  • These machines help in producing a large amount of cooked food at one go.
  • We also offer food holding equipments that can hold the cooked food at same temperature for longer period of time without harming the food quality and its nutritional value
  • The equipments help the cook at every step of cooking- from preparation to cooking to storing it

The industry kitchen equipment also involves big refrigerators, bakery and pantry equipments, trolleys, sink stands and other cooking equipments. We have a range of around 250 products that are made out of high quality stainless steel that is corrosion free. We make products that meet the international grades and are cost effective.

Kitchen Equipment for Hotels

Relief india hospitality solutions pvt ltd offers around 250 products that also includes kitchen equipment for hotels. We have a long industrial experience and hence specialize in manufacturing heavy quantity of kitchen equipment for hotels. We manufacture both the cooking as well as preparation equipments for kitchen. Through our various combinations of equipments we provide one stop solutions to the needs of workers in the hotel kitchens. This helps the staff enjoy their work by cooking products that are good in quality as well as taste. Our equipments are long lasting, consumer friendly, affordable and energy efficient. Some of the food preparation machines include pulverizer, meat mincer, gravity slicer, dough kneader, vegetable cutter and wet grinder.

  • This kitchen equipment for hotels comes under modern cooking method that has the capacity to cut, smash, grind, mangle and amputate.
  • These products come with proper safety and operation methods.
  • While there are hundreds of manufacturers of kitchen equipment for hotels, every company has installed certain distinguished features in the equipments.
  • The right procedure to use these equipments is clearly mentioned in the manual that comes with the equipment.
  • If followed properly, these equipments will become your best friend.
  • Keeping in mind the high cost of electricity, relief india manufactures products that are energy saving i.e they consume energy less than the minimal amount that is required for heavy equipments.

We work for establishing long term relationship with our clients. Hence, we deliver the quality equipments with the given time frame because of our wide distribution network. Our work philosophy aims at simplifying the kitchen work whether it is for commercial, industrial or home kitchen. All our products are manufactured in our manufacturing unit and expertise supervision.

Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer

As a kitchen equipment manufacturer, relief india designs the tools and equipments that helps in carrying out food preparation related functions easily. Kitchen equipments vary at home and at commercial places. While the restaurant kitchen equipment includes oven, fryers, reach in coolers, reach in freezer, pulverizer, meat mincer, gravity slicer, wet grinder; the home kitchen equipment use small forms of these equipments like pressure cookers, oven, tandoor, microwave, dough maker, grinder etc. a well equipped kitchen is the chef’s best friend.

Kitchen Equipments for Restaurants and Cafes

If you are looking out for the kitchen equipments for restaurants and cafes, relief india provides you one stop solution with top quality commercial kitchen equipment. Kitchen equipments for restaurants and cafes include anything and everything that can be used for preparation and cooking in bulk amount.As we all know restaurants have to cater to demands of every individual.If a chef starts preparing food for every individual separately it will become a time consuming process.

Kitchen Equipment for Hospitals

Relief India hospitality solutions pvt ltd also caters to the kitchen equipment for hospitals. From freestanding to trolleys, we offer wide range of equipments that are necessary for maintaining the kitchens of the hospitals. The hospital kitchen prepare tremendous amount of food for distribution. We supply kitchen equipment for hospitals all over India and use raw material that competes with the international principles. Our kitchen equipment for hospitals includes equipments that are used for preparation, cooking, dish wash area, storage area, refrigeration and dining area. Good food facilities in the hospitals help in satisfying the visitors, hospital staff and the patients.

Kitchen Equipment for Institutes

Relief india hospitality solutions pvt ltd also look after providing kitchen equipment for institutes. As the institutes, schools and colleges provide us with the updated information on various technologies and experiments in the same manner it is necessary to keep the kitchen of the institutes well updated. It is also necessary that the equipments used in the institutes are safe to handle due to the presence of the students in the kitchen surroundings. Technologically updated kitchen is also necessary for the institutes that give the training on hotel industry to the students. These institutes teach the students how to prepare and cook food with the use of the latest technology kitchen equipments so that they do not face difficulty while entering into the world of food industry.

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