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Bakery Equipment Manufacturer

Relief india hospitality solutions pvt ltd fulfils the requirement of bakeries by being a superior quality bakery equipment manufacturer in the kitchen industry.

  • As a bakery equipment manufacturer our organization specializes in manufacturing deck baking oven, baker mixer and dough divider.
  • Our bakery equipment are durable enough to last for a very long time.
  • The bakery equipments produced by us find their application in industries, commercial kitchens as well as at homes.
  • The bakery equipments are available at our organization at competitive prices and are delivered on time.
  • We use quality raw material in form of high standard stainless steel that can meet the international standards.
  • These bakery equipments insure smooth and simple working process through which bulk amount of bakery products can be produced.
  • These equipments are fully automatic, the baker needs to insert the dough and rest leave on the machinery
  • The equipments divide the dough in defined manner
  • The baker mixer ensures bulky storage in the kitchen. This in return enables the bakery people to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen
  • The high grade stainless steel also makes the equipment light in weight and hence are easy to move
  • We have also hired expert professionals to keep a check on the quality of the equipments till the time of delivery
  • All the three bakery equipments are available in interesting designs and fine finish.
  • Our products are widely known for their range and quality.

Features of bakery equipments:

  • These equipments are made up of stainless steel
  • The steel used in the equipments is corrosion free
  • The equipments are easy to use and can be easily cleaned from in and out
  • They have a long and reliable service life

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