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Bar Equipment Manufacturer

Come and shop the best quality bar equipments at relief india hospitality solutions pvt ltd that specializes as a bar equipment manufacturer. We provide equipments that helps in carrying out the bar operations smoothly. We have the items that every bar needs. Under this category we have allnthose items that keep the bar outfitted. Our bar equipments include ice cube machine and bar counter.

Ice cube machine- like the freezer in the refrigerators at home, these machines is installed with substance that helps making the ice on a very large scale. It is a standalone appliance that produces ice. The ice cube machine includes a refrigerator, controls and dispenser that help in connecting power and water supplies. These ice cube machines can also be called as ice generator. The timely delivery of ice cube machines at industry rates are ensured by us. It easily carries heavy duty operations in several industries. These machines have optimum performance that saves time and energy or the people working in the bars.

Bar Counter- it is basically the space where drinks are mixed by the bar tender mainly in hotels, pubs and parties. Now a days people have started placing the bar counter at the homes as well. Apart from drinks bar counter are also known for serving snacks. The bar counters are durable and are manufactured under careful observation of our teams of experts. We use advance techniques in manufacturing the counter of international standards.

In the bar counter manufactured by us we have drain board, cocktail station, bottle rail, and asink with blender station. These counters are capable of moving in all directions uniformly.They are provided with wheels and sturdy construction.

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