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Salad Bars and Buffet Counters

Relief India hospitality solutions pvt ltd also offers a range of salad bars & buffet counters that can be displayed in heated as well as chilled ambience. The salad bars & buffet counters are ideal for the situation wherein the consumer need to display food with a self service option. Salad bar itself is a buffet style counter wherein various components of salads like cucumber, carrot, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sprouts etc are placed with various types of salad dressing. Similarly the buffet counters also serve hot foods that can be displayed and the consumers can easily eat there without the presence of waiter to serve the food. Generally buffet is served in private parties but now various restaurants have also started using buffet counters.Uses of salad bars & buffet counters:

  • The counters make the venue look more presentable
  • It reduces the cost of waiters for serving the food as the customers can easily choose and serve the items themselves.
  • The food is displayed in front of the consumers and hence people can choose the food of their choice
  • The salad bars and buffet counters become essential to serve the large amount of people

Features of salad bars and buffet counters

  • They are made from high grade stainless steel
  • The equipments are compact and can be adjusted in size and features according to the requirement of the client
  • The products are cost effective and affordable
  • The equipments are made using latest designs and techniques
  • The products are easy to install, handle and operate
  • They easy to clean and made as per industry norms
  • The products are versatile and long lasting

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