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Sink table racks manufactures

Relief india is also known for being a sink table racks manufacturers to organize the kitchen. Kitchen is the most requiring part of any house and hotels which provides us the hygenic, healthy and furious food. For a good kitchen, it is also important to have a presentable sink area and hence, relief India provides the most important thing of kitchen- sink table racks. The company also specializes in offering different varieties of sink according to convenience. The company offer a complete choice of products which includes pot rack, clean dish rack, two sink table, three sink table etc. Our manufacturing unit has also hired highly trained professionals, teams of engineers, technicians, and workers who work rigorously to complete the process of the product and deliver them to the client before the completion of the deadline. Our company is committed to the highest standard of business. A combination of high quality products and a nationwide service is provided by us.

Various types of sink tables and racks offered at relief india:

Three sink units – these kinds of sink specializes in providing three sections for washing utensils and are mainly used in hotels and restaurants. Main features of three sink units are:

  • It possess good quality steel
  • Long lasting durability
  • Blazing looks
  • Drain out excess water

Two sink units

The company also brings forward a wide assortment of two sink units that has a great demand in hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals and canteens. The main features of two sink units are:

  • These are Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Corrosion resistance

Work table with splash back

Relief India also manufactures a superb quality of work table with splash back. This is a creative combination of modern technology and made by reliable tested material.

  • Modern look
  • Comfortable zone

These racks and sinks are made up of finest quality material that are easy to use and are also available in various designs according to the requirement of the client. They have optimum performance and are thus reliable to use in any type of kitchen.

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